It pays to talk

It pays to talk

We are under no illusions about the place that a canopy has in most construction projects, it is not the number 1 priority. That doesn’t mean to say that we can’t add value to the work. No matter what your experience of specifying a canopy is, the earlier that you talk to us about your requirements the better your project outcome will be. Early consultation leads to smarter solutions, less disruption and better final outcomes.

For example, bringing us into the project late often causes problems with fixings, especially where large canopies are specified. The costs involved and time lost to cut into new brickwork, re-do render or even change the canopy and fixings to fit completed work, can be considerable.

These details are tiresome when they go wrong, but they can be corrected, dealt with and costed. What is less easy to quantify is the missed opportunity of agreeing a better solution at the beginning that creates an improved finish for the project overall. With a small investment in time to thoroughly assess the site and the requirement, challenges can be overcome with a canopy that looks great, provides the correct protection and delivers value for money. To accomplish that sort of client pleasing outcome some early discussion is required that allows you to tap into our expertise and desire to design just what you need. Meaning the end result delivers so much more than just a canopy.

For example, when we fitted a Kensington Junior Entrance to a KFC outlet in Kent we worked with the contractor to ensure our first fix was installed before the rest of the building facia was completed. We could then go back and fit the entrance canopy, with drainage pipe, with no disruption and on time for the scheduled opening. This allowed the customer to use the product they wanted to use and not have to settle for an alternative because the fixings would not work.

Flashing is another key area that can make a significant difference to the completed installation. There are various standard options available but with enough time and consultation we can devise bespoke flashing that will provide the protection required and fit in with the materials used. We were able to do this with a timber canopy on Bluecoat Primary School where a customised approached allowed us to integrate drainage and flashing and manage water run off in a seamless and stylish way.

For more examples look at our case studies here: Commercial Canopy Case Studies

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