Keeping Children Safe In The Sun

Keeping Children Safe In The Sun

As the temperatures rise in the UK and the longest day approaches, children are going to be spending more time outside. This is a great time for their physical and mental well-being, but there are also risks associated with spending too much time outside in the sun.

For one, too much time in the sun can overheat children, especially those who are running around a lot and being very active. This can cause heat exhaustion or sunstroke. Another problem is that children can get sunburnt from harmful UV rays. This can be painful in the short term and is linked to skin cancer in later years.

So, here are some ways that you can protect children in your school from the sun, while still allowing them to play outside.

1. School Canopy

The first option is to have a school canopy on your school building. This is a great place for your students to play during the hottest part of the day, which is often when children spend the most time outside, the lunch period.

A school canopy can be really large or small, depending on your needs. It will protect children from the heat and UV rays. It can also protect equipment and tools from UV damage.

2. Clothing

Short sleeves are often a feature in the summer months and with good reason. However, you should still encourage children to cover their arms during the middle of the day and children should also wear a cap to protect them. Caps can help keep the head cooler and prevent it from overheating, which causes heatstroke.

In addition, you can encourage sunglasses to keep your children’s eyes safe.

3. Sun Cream

Another important thing to have children do is to apply suncream when they’re coming into school. This should provide them with some cover at least for some of the time that they are in school.

4. Water

Drinking is really important during the hot weather. Children may need to be encouraged to drink more water during the hot weather. It’s a good idea to encourage a drink before and after going outside. Even a small drink can help children to stay cool.


The hot weather is a time of great fun. However, there are also issues such as heatstroke and sunburn. However, your students can be kept safe using the tips above. Do you have any further tips for keeping children safe in the hot weather?

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