Last Minute Fundraising Ideas To Help You Out!

Last Minute Fundraising Ideas To Help You Out!

Fundraising is such an important part of a school community. However, running the same idea time and again is often counterproductive. There are only so many times parents want to participate in non-uniform days, tombolas and raffles.

You need to look at new and innovative ways to raise funds for school projects. If you’re struggling with ideas, but want something fairly quick to arrange, here are some last-minute fundraising ideas for you.


Great for exercise and something which often attracts a lot of attention in the local news. Bike-a-thons can be undertaken by students, staff and families. Sponsorship can be based on a mile, a circuit or a whole journey. Therefore, you have lots of options to make your event unique.

50/50 Draws

This requires very little effort. It’s a simple raffle, but with a unique twist, the winner gets 50% of the funds paid. The rest of the money goes towards your projects. This can be used as part of another event or as a stand-alone.

Teddy Bear Picnic

This is one of the best for young children. It’s a fun event where you can add other fundraising ideas. The primary way to raise funds with a teddy bear picnic is to charge an entry fee. However, there are different ways you can do it including charging for food or taking photos of attendees with their stuffed toys.

Scavenger Hunt

What child doesn’t like a scavenger hunt? And lots of adults love them too. There are two main options for raising funds: team entry fees or sponsorships. Either way, all you have to do is hide objects around the school grounds and create clues for your teams to find them. Ensure you have prizes for those who win.

BBQ Night/Lunch

This is a great event that can help you raise funds and network with your community of parents. A BBQ night/lunch can raise funds with tickets and sales of food. You can also add other fundraising ideas to improve the revenue from the event.

Do you have ideas for quick fundraising events? What have been your most successful fundraising plans?

Let us know in the comments below.

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