Learning By Doing

Learning By Doing

There are many ways in which children can learn. Most children have a preferred learning method whether that is by listening to instructions from a teacher, reading about it in a book, or putting theory into practice.

However, there are other ways to learn, such as learning through doing an activity.

Take for instance a flower’s lifecycle or healthy eating. Children could learn from books or from you telling them about it – or you could get some seeds, soil and a growing area and let the children experience it for themselves.

Enhanced Experiences

Getting their hands dirty while they are learning is nothing new, but it does have significant learning benefits. Firstly, the tactile touching of the soil and seeds can enhance memory, making it easier for concepts and lessons to be remembered. The activities are also more fun than traditional instruction sessions, which can improve information retention.

Also, learning by doing can help children learn more at one time. Children who are planting seeds, for instance, don’t have to be constrained by one subject: the plant’s lifecycle. They can undertake numerous lessons such as healthy eating, the food chain, hygiene, and colours to name just a few.

Learning by doing is also a great way for children to develop bonds with classmates and learn better social skills. This, in turn, can help them later in life to develop working relationships that are productive and enjoyable.

More Learning Applied To The Real World

While learning by doing is sometimes not consider the best method of teaching – it is a vital one and one proven to succeed. After all, apprenticeships are developed around the concept of learning by doing and so are other training schemes.

In the same way that those schemes work, learning by doing in education can also work. Children can take lessons learned in the classroom and by partaking in associated activities, correctly apply their learning to real-world scenarios.

What learning by doing activities do you use in your educational setting? Do you see children apply those to new situations later?

Let us know in the comments below.

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