Made in the Shade

Made in the Shade

It’s been a long hot summer already and with a couple of months still to go it seems like a good time to talk about one of our most popular summer products – the shade sail. Like flip flops, sun hats and eating ice cream outdoors, shade sails are one of those things that only come to mind when the sun is shining …which is no surprise. Because of that heightened seasonality it is worth reminding ourselves of the circumstances that make shade sails the right choice.

There are plenty of good reasons to consider a shade sail for your outside space:

  • They offer high UV protection, 98% of the sun’s harmful rays are blocked – which is essential in schools and nurseries
  • They are durable and hard-wearing structures – making them suitable for schools and public spaces
  • They provide wide ranging design options – you can structure the sails and colour options in ways that suit your space and create attractive arrangements of sails and shade
  • They are made to order – so they will fit your space perfectly

There are some other important points to consider though. As great as shade sails are in providing sun safe protection, they are not suitable for all uses.

They are premium products that have been designed specifically for commercial use and are manufactured and installed with the same attention to detail as our canopies. That means they need space for significant foundations and posts.  They are a high-quality shade system which is built to last. They can be left outdoors 365 days a year, requiring only minimal maintenance and no re-tensioning.  For these reasons our shade sails are not suitable for domestic use and cannot be attached directly to brickwork or buildings.

When used in the right space though they are a stylish way to provide shade and add colour and interest to any outside environment. For more information:

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