Made To Measure Canopies

Made To Measure Canopies

measuring-tape-926716_640Your company’s building and outdoor space is unique. How you use them is going to be different from other organisations; even those in the same industry. This individuality makes you special and is the reason why your customers pick your products or services over those of your competitors. Offering a variety of products and services enables you to provide different experiences for your customers so they can choose the best option for them.

Offering this variety is a necessary challenge for many industries. Take for example our canopies. If we only used a few standard sizes or shapes, then many styles of building wouldn’t be suitable for our products. When it comes to canopies, there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ option. Alternatively, we could develop thousands of products and try to match the right one to your building and needs. This would obviously be an ineffective use of time and resources.

Instead, we found the solution in having a few select products that can be customised for your needs. While minimum sizes are required for most products, many can be expanded and fitted to any building design including corners and turns.

This flexibility offers customers complete control over their product. We can even produce canopies so their colour matches the surroundings. While this is an excellent feature, it does mean that we can’t provide significant details about pricing or size on our website.

So, the only way to determine the cost of one of our products is to speak to us. Give us the dimensions of your building, details about the intended purpose of the canopy and where you would like it. We can then use our current offerings to design you a bespoke installation and give you a price for the project.

From there you can adjust the size and position before speaking to us about installation through one of our expert teams.


Do you need a canopy for your building? Speak to us now about the best-fit canopy for you.

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