Make more from your fundraisers

Make more from your fundraisers

moneyThe great thing about fundraisers is everyone who comes to one is usually prepared to spend some money. With this in mind it is a good idea to include some extra money makers at your event which can boost your profits even further.
Use your judgement to ensure you don’t ask for too much from attendees, but even some low-cost extras such as refreshments or a raffle can make a big difference to your final total.

Heads or Tails
This always gets people laughing and is a great ice breaker for an evening – especially at a sit down event, such as a ball. The rules are very simple, everyone plays £1 to play. Then get everyone who is playing to stand up. On your signal they pick heads by putting their hands on their heads, or tails by putting their hands on their bottoms. Then you toss a coin and shout out whether it is heads or tails. The losers sit down and the game continues until there is only one person remaining standing. They can either win a donated prize, so you can give them half of the game’s entry money.

A mini raffle at an event can bring in some extra pounds. It doesn’t have to be big, a few donated bottles of wine or vouchers from some local companies will still drawn people to lay. Go for a simple £1 a strip.

Roll a pound
This is a great game to play during an interval at your event. And it will certainly get the more competitive people up on their feet to join in. You will need a nice prize (for adults a nice bottle of Champagne or whisky, for children something chocolately is usually popular! Or a toy is also a good idea). You need a large clear space on the floor to make a “runway”. Put your prize at the end of the runway, furthest away from you. Then mark out the start line at the other end. The aim is for players to stand at the line and roll the pound to the prize – the nearest coin wins. Make this hard enough to tempt guest to play but not too hard that people are put off from having a go. As coins gather round your prize remove those that are furthest away. Keep the nearest 2 or 3 and put a small post it note on these with the initials of the players. When your interval is over or everyone has had a turn the winner is the person whose coin is closest to the prize.

Food and refreshments

hotdogDrinks are a great money spinner at any event, and snacks also go down a treat. A hotdog or burger stand at your fair or fireworks event is bound to drawn a crowd. And for any outdoor event on a cold evening a hot drinks stall or soup stall is a nice touch to warm everyone up.
You if you are having a quiz or something else that is held indoors you might also want to consider adding a meal to your event, although it is wise to choose something else which is easy to do in large quantities! This will mean parents won’t have to cook before coming to the event so it will no doubt be a popular edition! A quiz and a curry is a popular choice.

Some other ideas: Add the option to buy sweets or popcorn at a film event, mulled wine and mince pies at a Christmas event, and hot cross buns at an Easter Egg hunt.

Top tip: If you choose to hold any extra money makers at your event it’s a good idea to include details of these on your posters or letters -, especially if it is a children’s event, as then parents can make sure their children have the correct amount of spare change to take part if they want to.


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