Get Ready for National Storytelling Week – Ignite Imagination and Learning!

Get Ready for National Storytelling Week – Ignite Imagination and Learning!

National Storytelling Week is just around the corner, spanning from the 29th of January to the 4th of February 2024. It’s the perfect opportunity to dive into the world of stories with your students. Celebrating its 24th year, this event promises to be an engaging and educational experience. Here’s how you can make the most of it:

Take Your Stories Outside

Stories come alive in the great outdoors! Whether it’s recreating “The Bear Hunt” in the playground or enjoying a tale in the fresh air under a school canopy, outdoor storytelling is a fantastic way to captivate and educate.

Creative Story Recreations

Encourage your students to re-imagine the stories. They can craft a play, draw scenes, or rewrite narratives from a different perspective. Why not conclude the week with an outdoor theatre showcase and celebrate the most creative interpretations?

Diverse Story Selection

To cater to varying interests, select multiple stories. This not only keeps everyone engaged but also enriches the learning experience. Be mindful, though, as managing multiple stories can be challenging, but it’s worth it!

Enhance with Varied Activities

Supplement storytelling with crosswords, word searches, and colouring sheets to keep the excitement going. These resources can help reinforce the themes and lessons from the stories.

It’s your turn to share!

National Storytelling Week 2024 is all set to be a memorable event. The key is to choose stories that resonate with your class and plan activities that are both fun and educational.

What stories are on your list? What activities have you planned? Share your tips and experiences in the comments below, and let’s make this National Storytelling Week the best one yet!

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