The Most Common Canopy Questions Answered

The Most Common Canopy Questions Answered

If you are looking into getting a wall mounted or free standing canopy system installed on your premises, you may have some questions that you would like answered before you order your new shade and shelter structure.

I have listed below what seems to be the 5 most common questions when it comes to choosing a canopy for a school.

Tarnhow Dome Canopy - installation in progress small1. How long will it take to install the canopy?
The installation time depends on how big your canopy is, on average the installation is usually completed within one or two days.

2. Can I have a canopy fixed to my existing building?
Yes you can, providing your building has a suitable external wall to fix the canopy to. Free standing canopies are also available if you are unable to have a canopy fixed to a wall or if you prefer free standing systems.

3. How much will it cost me to have the canopy installed?
Any reputable supplier will always include the installation costs in your quotation. The cost however, will also depend on the size of your canopy as this will affect the amount of time it takes to install it. Ask your chosen supplier for details.

4. Are there any grants available to fund canopies?
Canopy Safety CheckThere are many organisations and charities that offer funding to pre-schools, schools and colleges for canopies and shelters. Click here to view Able Canopies funding pages >

5. How often should I clean my canopy?
Most canopies do not need a great deal of maintenance; however I would recommend that a yearly clean is undertaken with a non-abrasive cleaner and warm water (Please check with your supplier first for advice on maintaining your canopy). An annual maintenance check would also be advised as this ensures the long term safety of your canopy. If you do not have the facilities to do this yourself you can contract a professional to do this for you. Click here to find out more about Able Canopies’ Annual Canopy Safety Check & Clean Service >

Did the above questions cover the areas you were unsure of? If not post your question/s below and I will get back to you with my best answer.

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