My Favourite Shade Sail Installation so far…

My Favourite Shade Sail Installation so far…

farnham-green-primary-school-shade-sail-03-smallMy favourite Shade Sail installation so far has to be the array that we installed at Farnham Green Primary School in August of this year (2014).

The reason why I’ve chose this as my favourite installation is because of the range of bright and vibrant colours that the school picked and also the different heights in the layers of the Shade Sails.

Farnham Green Primary School had 9 Shade Sails installed all together in 3 different sizes. Three cherry red 6m x 5m square sails, three yellow 6m x 5m x 7.8m and three Indigo blue 6m x 6m x 5.3m triangle sails.

When we install shade sails we have to do it in two phrases. First we install the posts, once they have been installed we then measure the distance between the posts so we know the exact measurement for the fabric. When we know the fabric sizes required, we order it in the chosen colours. We also need to wait for the concrete to set fully before the sails can be installed because they are fitted to the posts extremely taut to avoid sagging of the material.

farnham-green-primary-school-shade-sail-05-small farnham-green-primary-school-shade-sail-04 - small

Why not download your copy of the ultimate shade sail guide today (below) for endless options to choose from:

Is this shade sail installation your favourite as well as mine? Let me know in the comment box below…


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