New rules mean better outcomes

New rules mean better outcomes

Unless you have been living on a remote island for the last few months you cannot have escaped the talk around the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This new piece of legislation, designed to protect personal data, is the reason your inbox is clogged with emails asking you to renew your preferences and continue to receive the emails you currently get from your favourite brands, suppliers and publications.

The reach of the GDPR is wide and we have been making our own provisions for the change to ensure that we continue to collect, use and store customer data legally and securely.

There has been much said and written about GDPR but the simple fact is it comes from a good place and if embraced positively will improve the relationships between customers and those who want to communicate with them.

As customers become more aware of the value of their data so, quite rightly, organisations will have to work harder to get them to part with it and then make some clear and simple commitments to use it responsibly.

To get to technical for minute, to comply with the new regulation organisations must select a legal basis under which they will process customer data. There are 6 options to choose from.  We have decided to use legitimate interest as our legal basis for processing customer data. For more information on this please read our Privacy Policy here. We have made clear statements on why we collect, and how we use data. And, just as importantly, how long we will keep it for. This is essential as the nature of our customer relationships varies (some customers will be with us for years as we will have responsibilities related to guarantees and after sales, others will receive a quote and nothing else) and we must respect the needs of different customer types.

GDPR is a positive move for both users and suppliers of data. It allows organisations to be clear with customers about why and how their data is used and in turn it should ensure that customers only receive information that is relevant, expected and timely. Which is a win win for everyone.

Find out more about our approach to customer data here

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