Offer More Freedom With An Outdoor Classroom/Canopy

Offer More Freedom With An Outdoor Classroom/Canopy

Children love to play outside. It helps them understand the world around them and it’s more enjoyable. Even in the coldest weather, there are important lessons to be taught outside and fun to be had.

But the wettest weather can sometimes dampen the spirits of children and restrict their learning.

In the past, it might have been normal to declare limited use of outdoor space on wet weather days, but this is not the case now outdoor space is being seen as a vital component of the learning environment. Children are no longer given activities based on age group alone; instead, settings are considered to be in constant transition with activities set up to support learning with the children’s interests and development stage in mind.

Losing the use of outside space in poor weather can be detrimental to this philosophy of learning and, therefore, every effort should be made to keep the outdoor space available as much as possible.

Outdoor Classroom Space

The simple solution is to provide protection from rain, snow, wind, etc. and this can be done very easily with an outdoor classroom or canopy. They can extend from the entrance to cover any size of outdoor space and from there, activities can be set up under cover, protecting children from the elements.

Canopies are cost effective and can offer a different dimension to your learning environment. They also allow you to provide a higher level of learning experience to your class all year round.


Children will also be happier without the limitations of bad weather, leading to a more fun, relaxed and enjoyable setting for all, including the students, staff and their parents.

So with an outside learning area that is available all year round, the only issue you will have is the planning of resources for the area for your student’s learning and enjoyment.

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