Our Process from Enquiry to Quotation

Our Process from Enquiry to Quotation

dolau-primary-school-coniston-wall-mounted-01-smallWe often have enquiries where customers would like a quotation without a free site survey, but in order to be able to offer you a quotation that is as accurate as possible, a site survey will nearly always be required.

A site survey allows us to see not only if your area is suitable to fix your chosen structure to, but also to see if there are any obstructions that may affect the quote, the type of wall we are fixing to (if a wall mounted structure) and if an alternative product would be much more suitable (and cost effective for yourselves).

Below is the basic process of enquiry to quote and shows how a site survey adds benefit to your quote and helps you to envisage your new canopy much easier.

  1. Enquiry
    Once an enquiry has been received, we will first check that we can offer you the solution that you require, then we will arrange for one of our experienced surveyors to visit you and access the site.
  1. Survey
    During the survey, the surveyor will access your chosen area, checking for any obstructions that may affect our ability to install there and take some pictures for the staff back in the office. They will also go over our product range with you so you can choose a product or two if you have already, and they will go through the benefits of each to find the product that fits your requirements perfectly.
  1. Quotation
    Once the survey has been completed, the surveyors will pass his notes to the office staff to complete a quotation. Our designer will create a render and add it to a photograph of your chosen area that the surveyor would of took during the survey so that you can see what the canopy would look like in place. This is also handy because you will be able to see if the canopy or colour suits the area rather than waiting till its installed and wishing you chose something else.

The next stage would then be the installation process. Please see images below that shows the survey picture, the survey picture with a superimposed render and then the finished installation picture. This shows how life like the renders are so you really can see what your future canopy will look like in place.


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