Outdoor Art Ideas for Schools

Outdoor Art Ideas for Schools

Winter is a wonderful time of year to focus on art projects. This is also a great time to get outside for art lessons and find learning opportunities in nature. There are many ways you can take the art curriculum outside into the fresh air. It is well known that learning outdoors can increase retention of facts and is great for wellbeing.

Here are some art lesson ideas for outside lessons.


You can incorporate nature into outside lessons. For example, you can collect natural objects to create collages, use them to do printing, or to create patterns. You can use the natural objects to create the art itself or place the art on the object like decorating stones or painting leaves.

Having a canopy to work under can mean that art projects are protected from the elements such as wind and rain.


Weather is a great subject for art projects. You can study famous paintings and explore the techniques and styles used. Your pupils can then use a variety of mediums to recreate weather scenes in their artbooks. If you go outside for these lessons in a variety of weather conditions this can be a great learning experience.

You could also learn about the weather as part of science.


Patterns are important for both art and maths. You can explore different patterns, perhaps by creating patterns by painting stones with dots. You could also create patterns with leaves and sticks on the ground. Allowing the children to express themselves can help grow their confidence. Which will help them perform better in other lessons.

Big Art

Creating a large piece of artwork as a class can help everyone bond and build teamwork skills. You could spread a large sheet on the ground that everyone can work on or create a mural that the children all work on together.

Take a Trip

Try getting outdoors somewhere local to expand your outdoor art projects. You could take a trip to your local beach and create artwork in the sand or visit your local forest to bring the forest into your artwork projects.


Here are five great ideas to get your class outside and learn art lessons. Outdoor learning is ideal for retention of information and improving health and wellbeing. These art projects will also help improve confidence and teamwork skills. What outdoor learning do your pupils enjoy? Let us know in the comments.

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