Outdoor Homework Learning Ideas

Outdoor Homework Learning Ideas

Learning isn’t just about the lessons and the ideas students take from teachers in the classroom or under the school canopy. Learning opportunities are everywhere for children and home learning, whether formal or informal, is a great way for you to cement the ideas taught in school.

During holidays, like half terms or even longer breaks, children should also be encouraged to continue some form of learning. Yet they should also be encouraged to be outside. So here are some outdoor homework learning ideas that can be used for your students.

Draw A Map

Whether it’s of their walk home from school or a trip to the park, map drawing is a vital skill that helps children with life skills. It’s also fun if they can get creative and draw their own maps. You can ask them to create maps in several different ways, like drawing a treasure map in their garden or creating a trail to their local park.

Create Nature Art

Another fun activity for children is to create some artwork out of nature. This could be something like flower press art, creating a mosaic out of natural elements (leaves, sticks, stones, etc.) or anything that their imagination can give them. Creating nature art is very therapeutic for the child and it can be a great way for them to explore the outside.

Build A Wormery Or Bug House

Another option is to allow children to build a wormery or bug house in the garden. This can be done with ease thanks to a plastic or glass container, some soil and sand, leaves and some worms. Children may love to dig up their own worms from the garden.

You can also encourage children to build a bug house. This can be made from an old aquarium and soil. Students can find bugs in the garden like woodlice, beetles, and more.


Growing is the perfect way to introduce children to lifecycles and they can do this at home. Using photos and other tools, children can showcase how they’ve planted seeds, looked after the plants and then watch them grow. You can challenge children to grow different plants and ask them to notice the differences between them.


Learning isn’t just what they do at your school. You can encourage children to continue learning at home with some fun activities that they can then showcase to their fellow students in class. What ideas do you have? What will you get your students to do at home next?

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