Outdoor Learning Ideas for the Spring

Outdoor Learning Ideas for the Spring

Spring is a wonderful time to spend outside. Not only can you enjoy the sunshine and the weather, but you can also find learning opportunities for your students. There are numerous potential ways you can incorporate the school curriculum into outdoor time.

So here are some of the lessons that you can do outside this springtime.


There is so much about nature that you can incorporate into outside time. You can start to talk about food chains and webs, talking about how each animal has adapted to be part of that ecosystem. Or you can talk about lifecycles. As some animals wake up from their winter slumber, they will start to have offspring. You can do live experiments with frog spawn or caterpillars.

In addition, you can do some gardening. Get children to plant new vegetables or flowers and get them to study their growth.


Weather is a great science that can be studied throughout the year and the spring is no different. You can teach children how to monitor wind speed, rainfall, and other elements. Set up weather stations across the school like on the playing fields, near the entrance, or under a school canopy, and get them to study the differences.

Children can then learn to consider what can impact things like wind speed and temperature. Learning to understand cause and effect is a basic skill all children need to learn.


Confidence is an important mental skill that children need. Confident children are going to perform better in life because they understand that they’re able to complete challenging tasks that might be daunting at first.

There are several ways that you can teach confidence in school environments. So you can become very creative with your lesson plans.

Map Reading Skills

Another important lesson for children is how to read maps. There are several ways that you can teach children about maps. You can do orienteering or you can have lessons creating maps and getting children to follow the maps of others.

Maps can also be a great and fun lesson that can include other subjects like history, maths, English, and others. You can also include other lessons like weather and nature within the lessons.


Above are four ideas for going outside and learning. Outdoor learning is fantastic for children as it improves health, mental health, and confidence. What outdoor learning in the spring do you encourage at your school? Let us know in the comments.

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