Outdoor Learning – Inspired by Winter – Part 3

Outdoor Learning – Inspired by Winter – Part 3

So I have previously gone through winter outdoor learning ideas for learning with Sticks & Twigs and Rocks & Stones, so this week I am of course going to talk about the wonderful natural resource that is mud! We all have plenty of rainy days here in the UK that generates lots of squidgy mud which is perfect for playing and learning with!

mud_play_204507Jumping in muddy puddles
As an adult you probably can’t think of anything worse but for children this is fun on an extreme level! Splashing around in the mud and feeling and hearing the squelches as they jump into it can provide lots of giggles. From a learning point of view, children will learn different textures and materials and can experience the feeling of sinking safely.

Mud painting
You can use mud to allow the children to create paintings, all you need is mud paints and the children can either paint pictures on paper to take home or paint with plain mud on natural surfaces. When it rains the children can then watch the rain wash the mud away.

Mud Kitchen
Mud Kitchens can be so much fun for the little ones! Your mud kitchen doesn’t have to be fancy with lots of expensive equipment, you only need simple, cost effective or even free, recycled items such as plastic containers, buckets, planks of wood and plastic garden trowels. You can incorporate natural ingredients for the children to use in their kitchen such as grass, leaves, flowers herbs and fruit and vegetables peelings.

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