Outdoor Learning – Inspired by Winter – Part 1

Outdoor Learning – Inspired by Winter – Part 1

The weather may be cold and wet and much of our wildlife maybe hibernating but the outdoors still offers plenty of outdoor learning opportunities. This blog series will explore how to conduct fun outdoor learning activities with the natural objects you will find in your playground even in the winter. The first in the series will focus on sticks and twigs and how they can be incorporated into outdoor learning.

Sticks and Twigs

outdoor-learning-inspired-by-winter 01 smallCreate Outdoor Art – Painting sticks will create wonderful art to brighten up your outside area. This kind of art is fun to make for the children and painting them outside keeps them in touch with the natural surroundings of the natural objects. This is also a low cost way to brighten up your outside area and it will be personalised by the children you care for!

Make Magic Wands – Ask the children to create their own magic wands using items such as ribbons, feathers, glitter, flowers and leaves. This allows them to use their creativity to create an item that is personalised to their own personality. These wands can be used for the children to “create magic”, if you ask them what magic they are creating and why, this will encourage their imaginations and allow them to have the confidence to express their ideas.

Sorting Sticks into Groups – A great game to play before painting or adding crafts to sticks is so ask the children to sort the sticks into different lengths from small to large. Once they have done that they can sort them into different thickness from thin to thick and so on. Using these activates will encourage team building skills and identifying the different shapes and lengths.

outdoor-learning-inspired-by-winter 02 smallCreate Natural Paint Brushes – Using additional natural objects such as grass, leaves and branches, you can give children the opportunity to create natural paint brushes. These kinds of brunches can teach the children how different objects can create different patterns and brush strokes on paper. This may also bring out their inquisitive nature they may try using other natural objects to create patterns such as pine cones and leaf stamping.

Stick Man Characters – Ask your children to create their own stick men by adding googly eyes, felt clothing, string and ribbons and allow them to use their stick men characters to create a story out of them. You could have a “show and tell” session where each children can introduce their stick man to everyone.


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