Outdoor Pets Can Be A Great Classroom Assistant

Outdoor Pets Can Be A Great Classroom Assistant

When it comes to teaching children outdoors there can be lots of great assets and tools that you can use and a classroom pet is a great addition. Classroom pets can range from pet guinea pigs to chickens and more. And there are lots of benefits of a pet joining your classroom. Here are some of them.

1. Can Teach Children About Routines And Responsibility

The first is that it can teach children about routines and responsibilities. You can create a rota for children to care for the animal, feeding it and watering it every day. You can also have a schedule for cleaning it out and other needs.

These important lessons can also teach children about routines and timing. Set a specific time for pet care in the classroom and children can start learning to read the time.

2. Can Help Children With Mood

A few strokes of a fluffy animal has been proven to calm children down and make them happier. Therefore, children who are upset or are having a troubling time can be encouraged to spend more time with the class pet to regulate their mood and make it better.

This can therefore help with improving learning over a longer period as children can refocus and talk about their feelings.

3. Children Can Spend More Time Outdoors

Children can learn more outdoors with some pets. While some pets (fish for example) are normally indoors, many animals can be kept outside and this offers opportunities for more outside learning. Learning outside of the classroom is linked to increased confidence and better physical health.

Outside time can also be linked to better mental health and awareness of the environment. All important factors. Even keeping your pet under a school canopy can give children time outside while staying safe.

4. Different Learning Can Be Introduced

As well as learning about the care of the animals, routine and responsibilities, pets can teach children a lot of other lessons. Chickens can produce eggs used in cooking classes or to demonstrate life cycles. Other animals can be used to teach about other parts of the world.

You can be creative with a class pet and what lessons you can teach. Plus using the pet within the lesson can aid in focusing children on the subject and getting them interested.


Class pets aren’t just a bit of fun. They’re a way to improve learning inside and outside of the classroom. Many different pets can be housed at school, from chickens to guinea pigs and more. Which pet would you recommend and what lessons can you suggest? Let us know in the comments.

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