Outdoor Small Parts That Are Great For Learning

Outdoor Small Parts That Are Great For Learning

Not every learning material has to be expensive or cost a thing in the classroom. There are so many small items that can come from outside that can help children learn more about their environment, nature, maths and English than you would expect.

Here are five small parts which are great for learning that you can find under the school canopy, school playground or school field.


Whether they’re conkers, acorns or something else, these seeds are great for teaching children about life-cycles. They’re also great for counting. They can be found near trees, especially in wooded areas of forest schools and more.

Seeds can also be used in outside artwork with murals used.


Sticks are a fundamental part of the learning objects in outside play. Children can use these sticks in artwork and construction of make-believe towns and cities. Sticks can also be used to teach children about different plants and how they’ve adapted to live in the area you’re in.

Sticks can also be used for games like poo sticks.


Autumn is a great season for collecting leaves as they fall to the ground. Leaves can be many different colours and can be used in science lessons and also art. Children can also be encouraged to collect them from the school grounds and this can be a fun activity for them too that is active.


Stones can be a great activity for children as they can use them in artwork under a school canopy. Or you could use them as counting tools or use them in games like hopscotch. Stones can also be used to explore and discuss sensory things like how a stone feels, looks, sounds when dropped and more.


Not all learning tools have to be costly. Above are some excellent small learning tools that can be collected from your school premises for use in the classroom and learning. What other small learning objects do you recommend for use in the classroom? Let us know in the comments.

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