Outdoor Summer Lesson Ideas for Science

Outdoor Summer Lesson Ideas for Science

Summertime is a great time for learning science at school as you can easily get out of the classroom to explore the world around us. Make sure parents are notified about the lessons outside and ask them to provide children with hats, sunglasses, and suncream so they are comfortable outside. If you have a school canopy this is a great advantage as you can move under it if it is particularly hot or bright.

So, what are ideal outdoor summer lessons for science? In this article, we share some ideas with you.

Plant Anatomy & Life Cycles

One of the best ways to learn about the anatomy of a plant is to grow the plant yourself! You could arrange a trip to your local garden centre for the children to choose some seeds to plant. Ask them to bring in some recycled pots from home to sow their seeds in. The children can learn the lifecycle of the plant by having fun growing their own.

When their plants get bigger this is a great time to look at the plant anatomy. If you plant a variety of seeds including flowers and vegetables this will be easier.


You can teach the properties of materials outside with much greater ease. You can demonstrate states of matter with melting ice and steaming water. You can compare different material properties with items found around the school playing area and your forest school or nature area.


One of the classic ways to play outside is by filling items up with water to learn about volume. This is such a useful skill, if children can master measuring liquids carefully with a jug then they will be set for future chemistry and cooking lessons and it is an important life lesson as well.


You can use the space outside to set up fun experiments involving ramps to demonstrate the effects of gravity and other forces. You can provide bricks, cardboard, or other building materials for the children to set up their experiments so this activity incorporates some creativity too.

Final Word: Outdoor Summer Lesson Ideas For Science

Outdoor summer lessons are great fun and can be an ideal location for teaching science lessons. Here are some ideas to get you started. Let us know what your ideas for summer science lessons are in the comments below!

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