Outside Learning Supports Classroom Work

Outside Learning Supports Classroom Work

When you’re looking for learning opportunities, outside time is often forgotten or ignored. Normally this is because there’s a significant pressure on teachers to use classrooms and technology.

But outside learning can be a valuable partner in your learning schedule. There are several reasons why this is the case, including:

  1. Stress reduction

There is a lot research showing stress in the classroom for both students and teachers is rising. Yet being in nature is also used in a lot of treatments for stress. So why not combine the two, so schools are less stressful?

  1. It’s Relatable

A whiteboard and tablet are both excellent tools for you to teach through, but they aren’t very relatable. Children can relate to the outside, and lessons should incorporate concepts using nature as an example. E.g. gravity can be demonstrated by watching leaves fall from a tree.

  1. The Outside Connects All The Senses

Being outside allows us to connect to all five senses. Even taste can be utilised outside with picnics and the ‘taste’ of the air. Using all the senses makes lessons more real to students and they’ll connect concepts together more easily.

  1. Feedback Is Learning

When in a classroom, there’s often a delay before feedback is returned. This can be a serious problem as the mistake in their learning has already occurred and children might find it harder to relearn something they have originally learnt incorrectly. Feedback in outside learning is often more instantaneous. Therefore, learning is improved and it’s harder for mistakes to be made again and again.

  1. Learning Outside is Fun

Outside activities are fun. Children enjoy being outside, looking at the vibrant colours, playing on outside equipment, and playing games together. Fun helps to cement memories which enables children to retain key learning points.

Using The Outside To Your Advantage

Learning in the classroom is important. But don’t forget the vital contributions the outside environment can give your lessons. Outside lessons can make school fun again and improve the amount of information students retain from their lessons.

How do you utilise the outside in your learning? Do you have a specific area for outside learning?

Let us know in the comments below.

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