Outside Time With Virtual Lessons

Outside Time With Virtual Lessons

The government has said that all UK schools should be offering face-to-face virtual lessons for all children who are at home isolating due to Covid-19. This is a challenging prospect because of the lack of control on the resources you have with home schooling.

One important element that is challenging is making sure that children get some lessons outside. The advantages of outside time are many. For one, it encourages physical activity. Secondly, it improves learning. And thirdly, it can help with confidence.

However, encouraging outdoor learning with virtual lessons is a big challenge. So, here are some ideas to help you.

1. Set Tasks They Can Do In A Garden

Isolating means that the children can’t really leave their homes, but they can go into the garden. So, depending on their age, you can encourage the children to do activities out there. For instance, you could ask them to go on bug hunts, build a bug house or count birds in the garden.

These activities can be done away from the face-to-face virtual lessons. Submitting work for this could be as simple as photos or written explanations of what they did.

You can always show them how to complete these tasks virtually while outside, under a school canopy.

2. Encourage PE In The Garden

PE in the garden can be an easy way to get children outside and playing. Children could be told to ride on their scooter, kick a ball about or jog round their garden. There are lots of options for your students.

You can also let kids keep a diary. For instance, ask children to keep a ball in the air without letting it hit the ground. Ask them how long they can do it each day to see their improvement. This also allows you to add maths to the outside time.

3. Creativity

Tell children to do some art outside using any objects that they can find. For instance, can they make a stick picture, a mini landscape garden using stones or do some chalk drawing on the patio area? Art doesn’t have to be the focus here. You could ask them to do some drama or music in the garden.

Creativity can be monitored through photos and videos.


The government’s decision to ensure all children get face-to-face lessons, whether they’re conducted over the internet or not does create some problems. However, you don’t have to make outside time a main concern, use some of the ideas above to ensure that you’re giving children the outside time that they need for their education.

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