How to Plan a Successful Music Festival

How to Plan a Successful Music Festival

How to Hold a Music FestivalMusic festivals are becoming more and more popular and attract thousands upon thousands of guests. Adding a music festival to your fundraising agenda will enable you to hold a hugely successful event and raise a substantial amount of funds for your school or organisation.

In order for your event to run successfully and have the desired amount of guests, you will need to follow some guidelines and lucky for you we have included some below to get you started!

Deciding on a Date
The date that you plan to hold your festival needs to be at least 4 months from the very first moment you start planning, the more time you allow yourself the better!
Decided a month or time of year you would like to hold the festival and check nearby similar events. You don’t want your event clashing with another nearby event as this could have a huge impact on how many guests you attract.

If you have a large playing field at your school it would be a great idea to hold your event there. The whole point of a music festival is for it to be outside and having the event on your premises would be ideal as guests will generally know where your school is and it will be easy for them to find.

Big span canopies such as the Hamilton and the Double Grange are perfect for large outdoor events as they provide effective cover from the weather whilst still being outside!

The Legal Stuff
How to Hold a Music FestivalAs I always say, before you book any event, always check to see what licences and insurances you will need as this could have a major impact on your budget.

Help is Key
Get your PTA or fundraising group together and ask for as much help as possible, particularly if you plan on holding a large event.

Split your volunteers into groups, preferably no less than pairs, groups of three would be more ideal depending on how many volunteers you have. Give each pair or group a task or area to organise.

On the day it may be a good idea to put a rota into action so that your volunteers are not working long hours and you can all switch between shifts, this is also ideal for those with other commitments on the day.

Finding Bands and Artists
when contacting various artists, be sure to mention the nature of your event so they are aware that it will be completely supported through fundraising. Tell them what you’re raising the funds for, this should also encourage bands to offer a large discount or maybe some small bands would play at the event for free.

Having a range of different music genres will attract more guests as you are not limiting yourself to one type of audience.

Equipment & Facilities
you will need various equipments that you should be able to rent in order to save on costs. A stage, lighting and sound equipment are the main essentials. Contact a local music venue or club who may be able to offer advice.

Don’t forget the usual health and safety items and facilities such as fire extinguishers, plenty of toilet facilities, fencing and food and drink.

It may be worth contacting a health service such as St John’s Ambulance to see if they could attend the site for the duration of the event in case of any minor medical emergencies.

Good luck & don’t forget to comment below if you hold a music festival in the future, we’d love to hear the outcome!

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