Playing Out In The Rain

Playing Out In The Rain

With the weather becoming wetter throughout the country, outside time is becoming less attractive to small children. It’s cold, wet, and at times we put less toys outside to play with because of the risk. However, there are reasons why you should encourage more outside play.

  1. Different Textures

Playing outside during wet, rainy weather is completely different to play when it’s hot and sunny. These different experiences can help with learning co-ordination and sensory development.

Different textures can also be applied to playing certain games. Mud kitchens are great fun and the recent rain made a lot of mud!

  1. Learning Lessons

Rainy weather creates new scenarios for children to learn from. When it rains, the ground becomes more slippery, it’s colder, and there are other aspects that as adults, we might take from granted but children need to explore.

At the same time, wet weather is essential in the water cycle. So, it’s a great way to teach children about this important aspect of the natural world.

  1. Fun

Children are automatically drawn to jumping in puddles and running around, even if it’s wet outside. Playing is a great way for children to learn and also let off some steam. The more relaxed they are, the better their learning will be.

Also, a happy child is great at advertising your preschool as mums will share how much their children love your setting when people ask them for recommendations.

  1. UV

While the sun is not directly shining, children still require some UV light. UV is important for us to have enough vitamin D. This is especially important for children as it helps build strong bones and immune systems.


While it’s not the sunniest weather, it doesn’t mean the weather is bad. It is still important for children to play outside even if it’s under cover. They can benefit emotionally and physically while learning important life lessons along the way.

Do you encourage outdoor play in wet weather? What games do you encourage?

Let us know in the comments below.

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