Prize Ideas for Your Summer Fete

Prize Ideas for Your Summer Fete

School Fetes are a great way to raise funds for your school. Whether you’re looking to purchase new books from the school library, update play equipment, or purchase a new canopy, you’ll want to make sure you make the most out of the event.

Hopefully, your planning is well underway. For a summer fete, you need to offer a range of stalls for people to look around; these can vary from games to business stalls. You will want to have a good variety of things to do and ways to raise money. One important aspect is to source plenty of prizes to give out, as great prizes will entice others to donate at stalls by trying out the games and participating in raffles.

So what types of prizes might you wish to offer at your Summer fete?

Tombola Prizes from Parents

A great idea is to ask parents to all donate a small prize for the tombola, this way there is something fun for everyone to win at this stall. You could offer a non-uniform day in exchange for prizes, this is a popular event across schools.

Ensure parents have plenty of information about the types of prizes that are suitable. The best ideas for a tombola are small items that can easily be picked up at the supermarket, like a nice shower gel or a box of biscuits.

Parents should also be aware of what the prizes are being collected for and what the ultimate aim is, such as buying a new school canopy so the children can study outside in the shade.

Prize Draw Gifts from Business

You could ask local businesses if they can donate a prize to an auction, this can be a really great way to raise funds. You could ask local tourist spots, shops in your high street and parents as well. Let people know that any size donation is very welcome, including what they are donating for and incentives, like their company name on an advertising board, or their business listed in the fete program.

Pocket Money Prizes

You’ll want to have lots of small fun stalls with card games like ‘higher or lower’, or score-a-goal type games with prizes to offer. You could go for the classic option like a small packet of sweets but these are unhealthy and could lead to significant littering. You could consider small party bag-style prizes that you can buy in bulk, like bubble tubes or fidget toys. These are both popular but you should be able to think of lots of other suitable ideas.

Tokens to Trade in

You could consider handing out tokens that children can then trade in to get a larger toy. This could be quite tricky to manage. You’ll have to decide how much you think parents are likely to pay per child and compare this to the number of stalls or the number of ‘goes’ you think children might have. Then allocate the number of tokens to be more than the purchase price of the prize. This would work best with donations of prizes, perhaps instead of the tombola. This could be a challenging option but also could potentially save you a lot of money in prizes.


In this article, we share lots of ideas for prizes at your school’s next summer fete. Let everyone know who you’re raising funds for, what makes a great donation as a prize, and what the ultimate aim is. Which ideas will you use?

Download our A-Z Fundraising Guide for even more ideas from A right through to Z!


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