Protect your Customers’ Buggies and Prams

Protect your Customers’ Buggies and Prams

Meadley Buggy Box installed at Bourne Children's Centre in SurreyIf you have had children, you will know that buggies and prams are very expensive these days, and parents will avoid leaving their buggy in unsecured places if they can as they will want to avoid theft.

Buggy shelters are the ideal solution to encourage parents to visit your premises and leave their prams inside it. For retail centres and shops, a buggy shelter would be a practical investment as customers could leave their prams in the shelter whilst they browse, enabling them to move around easily without getting stuck or knocking things over.

A buggy shelter would also be great for restaurants as buggies can quite often take up space in the isle and for parents, moving their pram can get a little tedious. If they were to leave the pram in the shelter then the parents can enjoy their lunch without interruption and other diners can walk past freely – everyone’s a winner!

Meadley Buggy Box Installed at PCHA (Paddington Churches Housing Association), LondonSchools, nurseries and children’s play centres can also benefit from pram shelters as the majority of the adults that visit your establishment will have a pram with them. By offering them a safe place to park their buggies, you will make their life much easier and it would be another reason for them to keep coming back and also to encourage them to recommend you to others. Parents can leave their prams at your school or centre all day whilst their children attend, they can then pick the buggy up at the end of the day with their child, saving them having to carry an empty pram back and forth. This is particularly ideal for those that go to work after dropping their child off.

As you can see, buggy shelters can add many benefits to a range of organisations; they avoid the cluttering of prams and health and safety issues. Visitors are less likely to trip over the buggies and there will be a lowered risk of theft as the buggies can be secured to the buggy bar with a locking device such as a padlock or bike lock.

The Easydale Buggy Shelter installed at Willows Clinic in London

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