Quick And Easy Fundraising Ideas

Quick And Easy Fundraising Ideas

Do you need to raise funds for your school, but don’t know how to get started?

Raising funds can be challenging, especially if you want to host an event that will engage the students. Many of them might be reluctant with traditional ideas.

If you want some ideas, look at our suggestions below:

  1. Pop-up Parlour

Food is always a best seller and apart from the traditional cake sale, you could try offering ice lollies in warmer weather, or themed food, such as Halloween snacks.

Try offering a pop-up shop after school on a Friday. Get your produce from a wholesaler, where costs will be lower but also nutritional values will be printed on individual packages.

Be sure to advertise the pop-up parlour for a few days before it opens with prices so your students (and parents) can save some change.

  1. A 100 Club

Have a raffle where you sell one hundred tickets for £2 each. Only one ticket per family. At the end of the month, make a draw for first, second and third place winners, for prizes of 15%, 10% and 5% of the raffle income respectively.

You can run this raffle as many times throughout the year as you would like, and with just 100 tickets and low entry cost, it is sure to generate much interest and income.

  1. Football Scratchcards

Cash-in on the football craze that sweeps the playground every year with a charity scratch card. They are inexpensive and offer a quick turnaround.

A card has between 20 and 80 football teams written on it with a silver panel hiding the winner at the top. Entrants pay £1 to claim a team by writing their name by the side in a space provided.

The winner of a prize of your choice is chosen when the silver panel is scratched off to reveal the winning team.

This is an easy game to run and can be done at fairs or in school reception areas. You can even do one per class, or year, if they are large enough.

  1. Penny Bottle

7493230 - plastic bottle and coins,dollar with white background

Give your children an empty water bottle or fizzy drinks bottle, cut a hole in it near the top, big enough for a penny, making sure there are no sharp edges.

Give students the bottles at the beginning of the month and a deadline to fill the bottles with as many pennies as they can find. The average bottle can have nearly £8 of change in it.

You will obviously need to have guidelines for how they procure these funds regarding their safety, perhaps specifying for family and friends.

  1. Matchbox Competition

Buy some empty matchboxes from a craft store and challenge your students to fit as much in their matchbox as possible. Charge an entry fee and give a £10 prize to the person who can fit the most things in their matchbox.

Be sure to set some rules to avoid any inappropriate additions!

We hope you have fun and achieve success with your school fundraising this year!

How will you raise funds for your school? What ideas do you have?

Let us know in the comments below.

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