Quick Guide to Licences

Quick Guide to Licences

When it comes to licences for your events, it is always best not to cut corners. You should always research any licences that may be required in advance to ensure you are licenced in time for your event.

I have listed below the most popular events organised by school PTA groups and stated whether or not a licence will be required.

TEN (Temporary Event Notices)

A TEN is required for any event in England & Wales that includes the supply of any of the following: alcohol, regulated entertainment and late night refreshments.

It’s important to remember that a TEN (Temporary Event Notices) is not an application, it is a notification. Once your local authority receives your notification, they will also pass it onto the local police and Environmental Health Department, who will review the notice and either approve or object it within 3 working days. It I therefore important that you give plenty of notice well in advance of your event, a minimum of 14 working days should be enough in case the notification is objected for any reason.


If your disco will have recorded or live music playing, then a PRS and a PPL licence will be required. Discounts apply for any groups that are registered charity or community groups.


If you are supplying or selling alcohol at your event, even if it’s a glass of wine with a meal, you will still need to apply for a TEN.


If you plan on selling raffle tickets in advance of your event, then a lottery licence will be required. However, if you plan on only selling tickets at the event and the prize(s) will be awarded during the event on the same day at the sale of the tickets, then a licence will not be required.

Movie Screening

Schools do not need a licence if they are screening movies for the purpose of the national curriculum, however, if you are holding an event and plan to screen movies, such as for a “movie night” then a licence will be required. Click here for more information about planning a film night.


If you are holding a bingo night for a charity or a non-profit good cause, then a licence is not required. If you plan on selling alcohol at the event, then a TEN will be required.


A licence is not required for a fair such as Christmas fair or a summer fair, however, if you are holding a raffle and plan on selling raffle tickets in advance or plan on selling alcohol, then a licence will be required.

The information in this blog is for guidance only, please check with your local authority for advice on any licences required before holding an event.

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