Race your way to the top

Race your way to the top

Are you looking to raise lots of cash for your school to fund your next big project? Of course, you are, no matter how much you raise, you always need more to cover government cuts and the growing population.

One way that you could raise a bundle of money is by holding a race night. Mead Primary School and Broadford Primary School both in Romford, recently joined forces and held a race night which raised an astonishing £4,600 in total! That’s a lot of much needed cash for the schools.

How can I hold a race night myself?

school-fundraising-ideas-pta-race-nightThere’s a couple of ways to hold your own race night, you can either pay a company which specialises in them and they will do a lot of the work for you, providing equipment and race footage, or you can do it all yourself to generate more profit.

To avoid breaking the law and allowing gambling on your premises without a licence, you can offer prizes instead of cash for the winners and do not show odds. Use pre-recorded footage rather than for example watching the Grand National live as I’m sure there would be rules against that too.

You don’t have to use footage of horse racing either, you can use car, motorbike or even snail races making it funny as well as exciting. You can even record teachers racing to add a bit of ’banter’ to the night.

Additional funds can be raised by charging entry, maybe offer a free bet with every entry ticket, provide refreshments and maybe even a meal – all of which you can charge for. Of course, don’t forget to include a raffle which always tops up your profits.

Don’t be afraid to ask local businesses for donations of cash to add to your pot as well as products and vouchers for prizes and in return advertise their business in the events programme which is handed out free with entry.

Are you overflowing with ideas now? You can find out how Mead Primary School and Broadford Primary School got on with their race night here > Romford Schools’ Race Night

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