500 Crisp Packets Saved from Landfill

500 Crisp Packets Saved from Landfill

Back in July (2023) we wrote a blog post titled Turning Trash into Cash which explained ways we could recycle more in the office. We’ve been keen advocates of recycling in the office for many years, not only because it’s important to us, but also because it helps us to achieve our ISO 14001 certification for environmental awareness.

However, in the summer we were introduced to a fantastic local group that runs a recycling scheme within a school which helps the local community recycle items that can’t be recycled in their kerb-side recycling collections. This fantastic group is called Tendring Primary Recycling Scheme (TPRS) and thanks to them, we have been recycling our crisp packets.

As I’m sure you either know from experience or can imagine, offices can be full of naughty treats including the ever-popular savoury snack – a pack of crisps to keep us going until lunch time. So that being said, we do get through a fair few pack of crisps here at Able Canopies HQ.

While we didn’t count the amount of crisp packets we collected from August to October, we have estimated that there were around 500 in total. That’s all the crisps packets shown in the image above which is 500 crisp packets that haven’t gone to landfill, 500 crisp packets that won’t pollute the planet or end up in the ocean, 500 crisp packets that will be recycled to give them a second use.

When the crisp packets are sent off for recycling, they are shredded (or ground) and then melted and shaped into flakes, pellets or powder, to prepare them for the next stage. They will then be recycled into a number of items such as watering cans, decking, playground surfaces, bins, plastic shipping pellets, and outdoor furniture such as park benches and picnic tables.

So next time you’re sitting on a park bench, it could be made from our used and recycled crisp packets!

If you’re interested in setting up a recycling point within your school or business or would like to find a local drop off point near to you, visit the Terracycle Website.

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