Regular Exercise Vital In Early Years

Regular Exercise Vital In Early Years

The benefits of regular exercise are well known and promoted. Research has shown that children who participate in physical activity often have a better chance later on in life in both terms of academic achievement and generally. However, only about half of seven-year-olds are meeting the government’s recommended activity levels, currently set at 60 minutes per day.

By offering your students better chances to exercise during school time, you are supporting them academically, and helping to prevent them from becoming inactive as they get older, which is linked to obesity. It isn’t just the responsibility of the parents, although they play their part, it is also teachers that need to encourage exercise and make it fun.

Children Love Activity

Young children love activity. But it is ensuring that it is the right sort of activity that will make the difference to their lives in the future. The three top activities you should be developing are agility, balance and coordination. These, when properly developed, can help give children a self-confidence that can be applied to their studies and interactions with others.

Structured physical activity must be sought and encouraged to achieve this, as imaginative play is not enough on its own. The EYFS doesn’t specify how physical development should be encouraged or what should be delivered. Therefore, there is a gap in the current provision for most children.

Offering The Right Activity

It isn’t really a challenge to offer children the right sort of physical activity. Simple games that focus on developing balance, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness are easy to setup and teach children. Other activities can also help with socialising and cognitive skills.

It is also important not to let the weather stop your children; splashing in puddles and walking through the snow are great for exercise and good fun. If children become inactive during the winter months, it will not help them when it comes to the summer.

You could look to run physical education under cover but remain outside. If you demonstrate to children that activity can still be done, even when the weather is not perfect, then they will take that attitude home and it will help them maintain a healthier lifestyle now, and into adult life.

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