Making the most of your retail space

Making the most of your retail space

shop image smallAs any shop owner is no doubt aware, every square metre of retail space counts. One way to get more out of your space is transform part or all of your outdoor space into a retail area too. This can be done quickly and easily with a permanent outdoor canopy; this can provide much needed shade in the summer months, to protect both your customers and your products from the sun, and it will also provide shelter from wet weather to allow for the area to be used all year round.

For establishments such as garden centres and car dealerships, an outdoor area is essential to display your products effectively. A canopy or covered walkway can enhance these areas, allowing you to direct your customers on specific route around your outdoor display area- allowing you to place the products you wish your customers to see close to or under the covered walkway to ensure they are seen. A covered walkway or a canopy over your outdoor products will also provide a more comfortable shopping experience for customers in bad weather.

Free Standing Fabric Canopy Installed at Grow@Jigsaw Garden Centre in Bideford, DevonGrow@Jigsaw in Bideford, Devon required a covered outdoor area at their garden centre to provide shade for staff, volunteers and their customers; it would also provide cover from the harsh sun in the summer to allow delicate plants to be watered in the daytime without the fear of damaging them. We provided a bespoke Shade Sail canopy which blocks up to 96% of the sun’s harmful UV rays but still allowed rain to go through the material to water the plants underneath.
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warrs-chelsea-london-coniston 02 smallWarr’s London, a Harley Davidson dealership in Kings Road London, also required a covered outdoor area for their customers, to provide them with cover from the rain when leaving or picking up their motorbikes. We installed a Coniston wall mounted canopy for the dealership, complete with bespoke steel post protectors, to create a welcoming and spacious area for customers to leave their bikes whilst perusing the store.
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By having canopies installed both companies can now offer their customers an added benefit, giving them an added edge over competitors.

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