How to Run a Successful Disco

How to Run a Successful Disco

Discos are a great way to raise funds for your project, whether it is for a school, pre-school, voluntary organisation, or charity. They can be held for all different age groups, from toddlers to OAPs and you can also hold a disco for all age groups so everyone can enjoy a boogie!

I have listed below some tips for organising a successful disco that runs smoothly and raises as much money as possible.


First things first, discos can be organised fairly quickly as there is not too much organising involved. However, its best to allow around 6 weeks for preparation to ensure nothing is left to the last minute. You should also make sure that you have enough volunteers from the first point of planning to avoid any volunteers being overloaded with too much responsibility.

Decide why, when and who for

Before you start making arrangements for your disco, you will need to decide why you are having the disco, when it will be, and who will be the audience.

Deciding on a particular reason to have your disco is a great way to encourage guests to attend more, as they can see that you are raising money for something specific, and they will like to see the finished result of the project that they donated towards. Remember to tell everyone what you’re raising the funds for and add it to all flyers, posters, advertisements, and tickets so everyone knows.

You also have to decide when the disco will be. This is important because you need to make sure your volunteers will be available around the planned dates. Also, if the dates are near a holiday, i.e., Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc., you can base your disco around that and introduce incentives such as fancy dress and a competition for best dressed. This can help attract many more guests.

Planning the type of audience you wish to attract is also important in the first stages of planning. This will help you advertise in the correct places to ensure the maximum number of tickets are sold.


Ask for recommendations for a DJ, this way, you will hear first hand if they are good and if they cater for the type of disco you plan to hold. If you are holding a disco that will have children attending, it may be worth finding a DJ that has been DBS checked (previously known as a CRB check) to put parents’ minds at rest.

Beverages & Snacks

Decide if you will be supplying beverages and snacks free of charge as part of the ticket price, selling beverages and snacks, and also if you will be selling alcohol. Selling alcohol will mean that you will require a licence, so be sure to check this out beforehand.

If you will be selling drinks and snacks at a children’s disco, be sure to make parents aware that spending money may be required.


Advertising your disco is important. If it’s a school disco, you can simply hand out flyers, stick posters around the school, and mention it in the school newsletters. However, if you are a voluntary organisation or charity, you may need to advertise your event in the local shops, newspapers, & radio.

Ask your pupils or community to design the posters, as this attracts attention and can also make the event feel more welcoming.

Shop around for printers, see if they offer discounts to charities and voluntary organisations, as this will help keep the profits high and the outgoings low.

I hope you found these tips useful, and I wish you the best of luck for your event.
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