Run An Auction Of Promises

Run An Auction Of Promises

Are you looking for a fun, creative and cost-effective way for your school or pre-school to raise funds? Then why not try running an ‘Auction of Promises’ event. This fundraising idea is something that often gets patrons talking and can be a way not only to raise funds but to raise awareness of your needs and funding options to a broader audience.

An Auction of Promises is when donators promise to provide a service to the highest bidder, e.g. dog walking or free grass cutting. Guests then bid on the person offering that service with funds being donated to the cause.

Here’s a quick guide on how you can organise and run an Auction of Promises.

  1. Get A Venue

This doesn’t have to be large, only enough space to fill with guests and a speaker. A school hall or current setting is often suitable for such an event. If it is somewhere different be sure to let people know, and that there is ample parking.

  1. Choose A Date/Time

You should set a date quickly and set it at a time that most potential guests can be expected to make.

  1. Find Donators

These are the people who will be willing to provide a service to be offered on the bidding night. Try to aim for at least 10-15, though if you can have 20-25, you’ll have a better evening.

  1. Find An Auctioneer

This is the person who will run the event and the bidding process. They need to have a clear voice and commanding presence, so the headteacher is often a good option.

  1. Find Staff

Some people will need to be available to take down the names of the winners, show guests to their chairs and offer refreshments.

  1. Market Your Event

You need to market your event to your patrons. Parents of those attending your setting are the best choice but you could also invite grandparents and others in your local community. Market your event by promoting what promises are going to be available to bid on.


An Auction of Promises is a fun, exciting way to raise funds with limited costs. To help you with the event, you could always seek a sponsor to provide refreshments or marketing, in exchange for a little exposure for their organisation.

Have you run an Auction of Promises? What are your top tips for running one?

Let us know in the comments below.

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