Save the environment and raise money!

Save the environment and raise money!

9698931_sThere is a selection of different recycling schemes that schools and nurseries can take part in and raise cash at the same time! Taking part in the recycling schemes is easy – they are simple to set up and almost effortless to organise on a regular bases making them an easy money maker whilst also helping the environment by recycling unwanted items and saving them going to the local waste landfill site.

You will find that some recycling schemes will not work for your school or nursery whilst others will be very successful. You can recycle items such as mobile phones, clothing, books, DVDs and much more. Sending a simple survey home to parents may help you discover what parents would be able to recycle on a regular and what recycling scheme will therefore benefit your school and parents the most which in turn, will also benefit the environment the most.

Here’s a quick guide to some of the different items you can recycle and the schemes available:

Open Aluminum CanAluminium CansThink Cans offers a cash for cans service for schools and charities to encourage the recycling of cans. They also offer reward cards and national prize draws as extra incentives. They will supply you with free posters and leaflets and you may also be eligible for free recycling boxes and bags. Their website also includes some great education classroom activities and information sheets to educate your pupils about the items they recycle.

Clothing, shoes and bagsBag 2 School will give schools £500 per tonne, that’s 50p per kilo of clothing collected. They will accept a range of items including clothing, shoes, bags, belts, hats, scarves soft toys and jewellery. They provide you with a free promotional poster and bags. 80% of clothing recycled is imported to many countries of Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and Asia for re-use and the rest are recycled to make items such as beds, blankets and socks.

Difficult to Recycle ItemsTerraCycle is a highly awarded international recycling and upcycling company that accepts packaging and products that are difficult to recycle from home and repurposes the material into affordable new products. You receive points which works out as 2p per item recycled and this can be donated to the charity or school of your choice.

There are also many other recycling companies which can be easily found by searching the internet, however the above three organisations give you an idea of how easy it is and how you can start raising cash today!


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