School Fundraisers: School Camping Night

School Fundraisers: School Camping Night

Imagine children going on a camping trip without the long drive and the “are we there yets”, where they can play with their friends and their just around the corner from home in case of emergencies. Sound great doesn’t it! Well you can arrange this on your school grounds if you have a large field and you can raise lots of cash for your school at the same time!

A camping night really is great fun, and although you can hold one throughout anytime of the year, I personally think this would be best in autumn or spring as the chilly nights would be perfect for a campfire with marshmallows, blankets and stories.

To make the event more attractive you could arrange a selection of games, put on breakfast and hot cocoa for the evening and charge for dinners or allow campers to warm their own dinner on their camping equipment. You could cook the dinner in the school kitchen or if the weather is pleasant, put on a BBQ.

You could charge a small yet profitable fee such as £10-15 to pitch a tent for the night which will include cocoa and marshmallows in the evening, breakfast the next day and of course all of the games and activities.

Games could include sporting activities to keep everyone warm such as rounders, football and sports day activities, get people into teams – this will also encourage team work for your pupils.

A camp night is also perfect for teachers to get to know parents as well as parents to get to know each other as many parents don’t get the chance to chat in the playground due to work commitments.

So why not give it a go and let us know how it goes in the comments box below.

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