School Fundraising ideas – Recipe Books

School Fundraising ideas – Recipe Books

School Recipe Book - Image from www.123rf.comBaking is extremely popular at the minute and so is cooking foreign foods. A fantastic way to raise funds for your school and to feed the habits of bake-a-holics of your community is to make a recipe book!

You can make different types of recipe books depending on what is on trend at the time or what is most popular in your area such as a cakes and bakes, authentic foreign cuisine and old family recipes.

When putting your book together, in order to generate more interest you can ask parents to kindly donate their recipes to add to the book and if possible, provide photographs of the completed meal/cake. It is important to ask parents to make sure that the recipe is completely made up by themselves or is a recipe that has been passed down in the family through generations. If a recipe has been copied from a published cookery book you will be breaking copyright laws so it important to stress this to anyone that donates a recipe.

PTA Recipe Book - Image from www.123rf.comAnother way to generate more interest and encourage more sales of the book is to ask children to draw illustrations that can be added to the book such as the front cover and include the names of all children that drew a pictures for the book and all parents that donated recipes. This makes the book a nice keepsake for those that took part and their family members.

PTA Recipe Book - Cakes - Image from www.123rf.comAsk around to see if any parents are professional photographers to take photos of the food, if anyone works at a printing company to enable you to get a discount on the printing costs or if anyone is a professional designer who can design the book at a discounted price. Asking around for these favours will offer you a large margin for profit and will also enable you to sell the book at a cheaper price, resulting in more sales.

Try launching your book at your fairs such as summer fair or even better Christmas fair – this is better as parents can buy the book as gifts for family members to keep as a lovely keepsake. You can also set up a stall at your fair launching the book and have some ready baked cakes etc from the book for people to try before they buy!


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