Fundraising for Schools, Pre-schools and Nurseries

Fundraising for Schools, Pre-schools and Nurseries

If you are a fan of raising those much needed funds for your school by holding fundraising events then keep reading….

Here at Able Canopies we have been very busy looking for ways that you can raise funds for your school, nursery or pre-school. We have put together a fantastic Official PTA Fundraising Pack which is full of fundraising ideas from A-Z including testimonials of our customers who have successfully raised funds for specific projects.

There is a wide range of fundraising events that you could organise including discos, seasonal fairs, quizzes and much much more…. Download our FREE Official PTA Fundraising Pack to for a range of traditional and fresh ideas.

Organising events is definitely a social and fun way to meet your funding targets. Getting the staff, pupils and parents involved is a great way to bring the community together and make friendships, it also provides your school or nursery with a good, friendly reputation.

When an event that you have put lots of hard work into is not greatly successful, it can be a little disappointing. That is why we have included a few important tips for you to remember when organising a fundraising event.

PR – Where possible always contact your local newspaper and local radio station, hopefully they will mention your event for free as it is for a good cause. Advertising in your local newspaper and radio station is one of the best ways to get interest along with sending out information about your event via your school newsletter and asking parents and staff to spread the word. Another way to get interest and generate spectators/visitors is to promote your fundraising event on Facebook. Why not create a fundraising page for your school and regularly update your “likers” about your events, not forgetting to publicly thank all those that took part.

Health and Safety – Health and safety can be hard work but it is well worth it. Following health and safety guidelines for your event is essential; otherwise there could be hiccups.

The Health and Safety Executive recommend a 5 step approach to risk assessment. (Source:

  • Look for the hazards
  • Decide who might be harmed, and how
  • For each hazard, evaluate the chance, big or small, of harm actually being done and decide whether existing precautions are adequate or more should be done.
  • Record the significant findings of your risk assessment, eg the main risks and the measures you have taken to deal with them.
  • Review your assessment from time to time, and revise if necessary.

For more information including health and safety jargon explained click here

Licensing – Licensing is needed for various events including events where you will be selling alcohol. For more information and to find out if you will need licensing for your event contact your local authority.

Insurance – Does your venue have public liability insurance? You will need this so check with your insurance company to see if you will be covered.

Fun! Fun! Fun! – Don’t forget the most important thing of all – fundraising is meant to be fun so enjoy yourself and make sure that your spectators and visitors enjoy themselves too so they come back for your next event.

Don’t fancy fundraising? Not enough time? Visit our funding pages for grants and funding links > Funding Help

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