Secondary School Fundraisers: Hold an Art Exhibition

Secondary School Fundraisers: Hold an Art Exhibition

An art exhibition is a great way to raise lots of cash and it can prove to be a very big success, particularly if you live in an area that doesn’t feature art exhibitions.

secondary-school-fundraisers-hold-an-art-exhibitionYour event could host local artists’ work including paintings and sculptures as well as photography and furniture. Charge the artists so much per 1m2 and also charge a commission per item sold (i.e. 20%). If you organise the event in advance you could ask artists what items they plan on exhibiting or selling and ask for some information about the item so you can put together a catalogue that you can hand out on the door to visitors.

You can gain additional interest by offering a viewing evening the day before the event so people can get an idea to see if there is anything they would like to purchase or to spread the word about how good it’s all looking!

Don’t forget to include some of your students’ work too – all art on view doesn’t have to be on sale so this is a great chance to show off your students’ work and give those that are looking to apply for a secondary school in the coming years a chance to gain an interest in what they could be getting involved in.

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Have you held an art exhibition before? I’d love to read your stories and find out how successful it was for your secondary school.

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