Secondary School Fundraising – Film Festival

Secondary School Fundraising – Film Festival

As the nights start to get darker, the chance for outdoor fundraising is diminishing. Poor weather will limit your choices or could force you to cancel events at short notice. Therefore, you need other options to raise funds for your local secondary school.

One option is to run a film festival at your school by collecting funds from tickets and the sale of other merchandise. At the same time, you can provide your students with an opportunity to showcase their talents and have some fun.

How do you create a film festival? Here are some top tips:

  • Name your festival

An interesting name will increase the excitement of those who might want to attend or participate. But don’t get too carried away, ensure there is relevance to your school.

  • Equipment

Make sure you can get the right equipment to show the videos. A good projector isn’t cheap but you will need to produce a good quality picture. The same goes for a good sound system.

  • Look For Sponsors

Look for sponsors within your local community to help raise funds. Small local businesses will provide some of the best connections. They might also help to promote your film festival which will increase ticket sales.

  • Schedule In The Films

Plan the schedule of your film festival, collect details and create a brochure that can be used in marketing. Take advanced bookings, offer guests physical tickets and don’t overbook any show. If you have a popular film, you can always run a second showing.

  • Secondary Funding Sources

In addition to tickets and sponsors, you could have secondary funding sources such as snacks and merchandise to sell. This will enhance the whole experience and further impress your guests.

  • Give Students Jobs

Ask your students to take on some of the responsibilities for the film festival. Have some selling and collecting tickets, selling snacks or running the projectors. The more responsibility they are given, the more fun they will have.

Are you going to run a film festival this winter? Have you run one previously?

Let us know in the comments below.


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