Food Glorious Food – Serve Food Safely at your Fundraising Event

Food Glorious Food – Serve Food Safely at your Fundraising Event

When it comes to serving food at your fundraising event there are many questions that you may not know the answer to and certain topics that may worry you slightly. That’s why it’s best to check these things out. We have listed below a few topics that many PTA members often question when it comes to serving food at a fundraising event.

Please note the below advice is a for guidance only, please contact the relevant organisations such as the Food Trading Standards and the Food Standards Agency in order to receive an up-to-date explanation of the current rules & regulations.

Serving Hot Food - Image from bigstockphoto.comServing Food & Taking Money – Does it take one person or two?
When serving food from each stall, it is advised that you wear gloves or better still, use tongs to serve food. It is also advisable to have one person serving food and another taking the cash. This avoids cross contamination and ensures a good hygiene practice. It’s always a good idea to make sure that anyone working with food washes their hands regularly.

Food Allergies – Ban the allergen or take extra care?
This really is completely up to your PTA group and school staff. You can choose to completely ban the ingredient from all food products; however, this is only ideal if you only have one allergy within the school such as nuts. If, on the other hand you have many children with a range of allergies, this may get a little complex, therefore you can choose to clearly label the foods that may contain the allergen and make all parents aware that you are allowing the use of the allergen ingredient. If this is the case it would be ideal to have staff around that are trained to spot and deal with allergic reactions.

Buffet Food – How long can it be left out for?
It is advised that hot, cooked food should not be left out at room temperature for any longer than 2 hours. Any food that has been left out longer should be refrigerated or disposed off. For occasional events, there is not an actual rule for the length of time food can be left out for however, in the interest of safety, it is advised to stick to the 2 hour rule.

Food Hygiene Certificates – Do you need one to serve food occasionally
The general rule from the food hygiene legalisation is that you will only need a food hygiene certificate if you serve food on a regular basis. Therefore, PTA groups generally will not need one unless they hold a regular event throughout the whole year. Please do check with your local authority or the Food Trading Standards Website for further information and to check this rule has not chanced since this information has been published.

Bake Sale - Image from bigstockphoto.comHomemade Cakes & Treats – Who’s responsible for any illness caused?
If you are serving food at your event weather you personally cook it onsite or if various parents/teachers cook it from home, your PTA group/school is responsible for ensuring that food hygiene is of the highest standard. If somebody that has purchased food from your event was to fall ill you would be responsible and your local authority may investigate the situation.

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