8 Ways a Shade Sail Can Benefit Your School

8 Ways a Shade Sail Can Benefit Your School

Shade Sails offer many benefits to schools and other educational environments. Below I have listed the top 8 benefits that shade sails offer, proving that shade sails really are the ideal sun canopy for schools.

1. High UV Protection
Shade Sails offer high UV protection from harmful UV rays produced by the sun. Fortunately children are now spending more and more time outdoors however, we need to protect them from the risk of skin damage such as skin cancers. Our shade sails protects from up to 98.8% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, keeping children and teachers underneath safe.

2. Cooler Play Areas
In the height of summer, most children love playing outside & running around however, they may find themselves getting a little heated and need somewhere to cool down whilst still benefiting from fresh air. Shade Sails provide a cool, shaded area in the playground to which the children can sit under to keep cool and help avoid the risk of sunstroke and sunburn.

3. Ventilation
Our shade sails are constructed from a knitted fabric which has tiny mesh holes allowing airflow through the fabric. This means that whilst gaining shade under the shade sail, pupils will also benefits from a pleasant breeze – this would be much more comfortable than trying to cool down in a warm building.

4. Pleasant Eating Area
You can create a shaded outdoor dining or picnic area within your environment with the use of a shade sail. You can add benches and picnic tables or keep it purely for picnics seated on the grass which can be very enjoyable to children.

5. Brighten Up Your Outside Area
Shade Sails are available in a wide range of colours including vibrant, funky colours and calming pastel colours. The vibrant colours will brighten up your outdoor area whilst the pastel colours help to create a peaceful shaded area.

6. Style Options
Shade Sails offer an endless selection of design options making your shade sail choice completely bespoke to you. Our sails are available in triangular and rectangular shapes which are available in different sizes to suit your preference.

You can choose to have just the one sail to create a small shaded area or multiple sails in one area to create a large covered area which can be used for large events. Multiple shade sails can be arranged differently to create aesthetically pleasing contemporary designs. The design chosen can be enhanced to compliment your environment by ordering the sails in contrasting colours of your choice.

7. Create a Cool, Shaded Outdoor Learning Area
By investing in a shade sail, you will be offering your staff the chance to relocate their lessons outside when the sun is beaming in on the classrooms making them stuffy and uncomfortable. By learning outside underneath shade sails, children can gain fresh air and refreshing shade, enabling them to concentrate and focus on their school work, plus it makes lessons more fun.

8. Attractive Events Shelter
You can create an attractive events shelter from multiple shade sails which can be used for large events and displays keeping your visitors sheltered and shaded.

Carnfunnock Country Park in Larne, County Antrim created an events shelter with an array of 10 Able Shade Sails in two different colours; pink and light green. The park manager chose the specified colours as they tied in perfectly with the nearby garden floral displays and provided a dramatic backdrop for their summer band concerts.

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