Shade Sails – Perfect for Outdoor Performances

Shade Sails – Perfect for Outdoor Performances

Have you ever planned an outdoor performance and it turns out to be a blazing hot summer’s day? Perfect right? Well not quite so, the scorching heat from the sun at the height of summer can spoil the day just as much as a sudden downpour can.

Carnfunnock Country Park - Shade Sails for Performances

When it’s too hot outside, spectators can start to feel uncomfortable in the sun and feel the need to seek a cool shaded area away from the performance or even leave altogether. A Shade Sail solves that issue because they protect those underneath from the sun and creates a cool shaded area. They also protect against the UV rays reducing the risk of the effects of the sun such as heat stroke.

Shade Sails only cover the area above the ground and do not have side panels. This stops spectators underneath from feeling enclosed and because they are covered with woven fabric, sunlight and cool breezes will still blow though. This also keeps the “outdoorsy” feel rather than making it feel like an indoor event like a marquee would.

Grays Beach Riverside Park - Shade Sails

This also makes Shade Sails particularly perfect for musical performances because they are covered with fabric rather than a hard surface and therefore does not cause the echoing effect that a canopy or other structure may cause.

Along with the above benefits, Shade Sails are available in a variety of colours so that you can create a vibrant, striking structure if you wish or a calm, structure that blends in with the surroundings. There’s also a whole host of designs that can be produced by using different sized triangles, rectangles and squares. Click here to view a small selection of our previously installed Shade Sail arrays for different colour and shape ideas.

Our Shade Sails are permanent, commercial structures that have been designed and manufactured to be left outside all year round. You do not need to worry about spending time putting them up, then packing them away and storing them as you would with non-permanent structures.

Download our brochure to find out more information about commercial Shade Sails for events and performances:

Download our canopy shelter and shade sail brochure

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