Shop and Cycle

Shop and Cycle

There are many benefits to encourage your customers to cycle to your shop or retail park so it’s well worth looking into. Here are some benefits that our retail customers have mentioned to us once they’ve encouraged cycling at their sites.

Helping the Environment
It’s good for the environment creating less pollution in your local area and also stops there being so much traffic outside your shop – keeping your carpark clearer.

Enhancing Wellbeing
It is also good for your customers’ wellbeing as they will be getting more exercise and fresh air, meaning they can arrive at your shop feeling great and excited about looking around your site.

Helps your Image
Cycle Shelters create a good image for your shop, especially if you have a sports or health food shop because it shows you support green form of travel and it is especially important if you sell bikes or bike accessories to show you support this type of transport.

Supports your Cycling Staff
Having a cycle shelter also helps to encourage your staff to cycle to work which saves them money and improves their wellbeing as well, which can help them feel more energized and happy to work.

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With more and more cyclists on the road lots of shops, retail parks and town centres provide free secure cycle parking to attract these healthy and sporty customers to their shops. By offering cycle parking they provide their keen cycling customers with a safe spot for their cycles, and help encourage this green form of travel.

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Here are our tips to keep your cycling customers happy, and encourage even more of them to cycle to your establishment:

  1.  Provide safe parking with some form of shelter such as cycle shelters/compounds – keeps bikes dry and secure, bikes are very expensive and easy to steal.
  2. Consider adding CCTV for added security, both for the bike and the cyclist – prevents theft and vandalism and makes customers feel safer.
  3. Add lighting to your cycle area for extra safety – Makes them feel safer in evenings, and can see to unlock bike, and avoid injuries.
  4. If you are trying to encourage your staff to cycle as well an added bonus would be to provide washing and changing facilities so staff can freshen up before going onto the shop floor.

Find out about our range of cycle parking shelters and compounds here or download our brochure.

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