Smoking Shelters For Bars, Restaurants, Workplaces and Hospitals

Smoking Shelters For Bars, Restaurants, Workplaces and Hospitals

In July 2007, the public smoking ban came into force in England. The ban prevents anyone from smoking in an enclosed public space. Similar bans had already been introduced in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The ban has been linked to improved health for those that do not smoke, due to a reduction in passive smoking (second-hand smoke). While it was generally believed that the ban would encourage others to quit smoking this has not been the case, as research five years after the ban found no significant decrease in the number of smokers in the UK. Only in the north-east was there a sizable decline in smokers.

Anyone visiting your business’ premises could be a potential smoker and with the unpredictable UK weather, they are going to want a secure area to smoke. That is why there has been an explosion of outdoor smoking shelters seen at most businesses. Everyone who smokes, whether they are customers, visitors or staff appreciate a dry, warm shelter to smoke under when they visit.

A smoking shelter can also help you designate an area for people to smoke that prevents crowds forming around your entrance, which can be problematic.

Like all our products, our smoking shelters are built from the finest materials and are designed to last the test of time. To provide you with reassurance, we offer a two-year guarantee and 25-year life expectancy with our Darcy Smoking Shelter.

They also look stylish and modern so you can be sure that your smoking shelter won’t negatively affect the aesthetics of your business. Smoking shelters can also be used as waiting areas for your staff during their breaks, protecting them from poor weather like wind or rain.

If you are looking to invest in a smoking shelter for your business, then contact us to see if you qualify for a free site survey or to talk to us about our products.

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