Snacks to Cook Outside in Forest School

Snacks to Cook Outside in Forest School

Teaching children to cook outside has numerous benefits. For one, eating outside has been linked to several health benefits and improving moods. There are also numerous skills that cooking outside can provide children.

So whether you’re looking to cook outside in the forest school or under a school canopy, here are some meals that you can prepare with your students.

Eggy Bread
Eggy bread is such a simple meal to prepare. All you need is the campfire, a frying pan and the ingredients. Soak some bread in some beaten eggs and then place on the heated frying pan with some vegetable oil. Turn the bread over every couple of minutes until cooked.

Smores are an American favourite that involve cooking marshmallows with chocolate between two crackers. It is a simple, exciting recipe that children will love.

Pan fry some apple slices into your frying pan with some oil and add some sugar and cinnamon, if you want to, to create a sweet treat. Really simple to do. To add a little extra to this dish, you can add some ice cream to the cooked apple.

Popcorn is a really tasty and healthy snack that can be done quickly and is very exciting. All you need to do is add some popcorn kernels to a pan with a lid and some vegetable oil. You can add flavourings if you want.

Why Teach Cooking Outside?
There are numerous lessons that young children can learn from outdoor cooking lessons. Safety around campfires, safety in cooking and even information about different food groups can all be taught in the forest school environment.

At the same time, forest school and cooking is a great way to add some mental stimulation in addition to some time for reducing stress levels. This can help when children are doing other tasks as happy students are going to be more productive.

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