Spring Fundraising Ideas for Schools: 4

Spring Fundraising Ideas for Schools: 4

This can be a straightforward event to organise as you can book a professional circus company so there’s no need to source your own acrobats or clowns! Also, children always love a good circus and when they find out you’re be holding one in their own school, they will become very excited.

Pet Show
Who wouldn’t want to show off their prized pets and ogle over everyone else beautiful prize winners? A pet show is something a little different that you don’t see many schools holding, yet many companies do arrange them and they often prove to be very popular. It’s also a great place for like-minded people to make friends find out information regarding pet care and local breeders.

Who doesn’t love a pantomime? Okay so some people don’t, but a lot of people do… particularly children! You can decide whether children, teachers or parents should act in the show or maybe rent out your school hall or outdoor events canopy to a local acting group.hamilton-frestanding-canopy-005 small

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