Three Spring/Summer Fundraisers for the Year Ahead

Three Spring/Summer Fundraisers for the Year Ahead

The most recent big fundraising season (Christmas) has been and gone and is almost a distant memory, so it’s now time to start planning your spring/summer fundraising events if you haven’t already!

In today’s blog, I have put together 3 ideas of events you can hold this spring or summer so get you started, and remember, if an event proves to be successful, why not hold it every year or every term?

Coffee and Cake Sale

Holding a coffee and cake sale on a weekend where you have a selection of hot and cold beverages along with lots of delicious homemade cakes and biscuits is bound to go down a treat – who doesn’t love a cup of tea, a slice of cake and a good natter?

You can ask for cake donations from parents, grandparents and staff or maybe ask the schools catering team to bake some goodies!

If the initial events goes well, it’s worth testing the water to see if it visitors would like to visit every month, this builds a community, offering the community somewhere to socialise and meet new friends. So not only will you be raising money for your project, but you will also be giving to the local community.

Music & Dance Festival

An event that will require a bit more planning and organising is a music festival. But don’t let the licences and organising put you off as these events are very popular and could raise lots and lots of money for your school. You may find that local bands that are still trying to get themselves known in the area will play for free or extremely cheap, don’t be afraid to ask for discounts, you are a non-for-profit organisation. Send letters home asking for bands to play at your event – parents and other family members may be members of local bands/dance groups that would be willing to take part

You can generate profit by charging for entry whilst also selling food and drink, you could also incorporate a few fun stalls for youngsters, making it an enjoyable event for the whole family.

Craft and County Fair

Craft and country fairs have always been popular but they are definitely becoming more popular now days as people are moving more towards buying from local craftsman as well as buying local produce. It’s great for both visitors as well as stall holders as business owners get the chance to show the community that they exist and show off their great products. And visitors can find suppliers that they didn’t know were in the area.

Again this could take a lot of organising but not much more than your usual summer fair. The effort is worth it and you will bring in visitors, not only from the local community but maybe a little further afield too if you advertise well.

Good luck with your event organising and I hope it all goes well, remember a canopy enables your outside event to carry on even in poor weather conditions! Check out our big span canopies, the Hamilton and the Double Grange that are perfect for outdoor events due to their large sizes.

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