Stalls to Have at your Next Fundraising Fair

Stalls to Have at your Next Fundraising Fair

Fundraising is an exciting time. Whether you’re raising funds for your school canopy or a new computer suite, a fair is a great option. This one could be for a season, like Easter, or you could just host a fair for fun.

At each fair, there are several stalls, which should always be there because people expect them. So, here are the stalls you should always have.


The first stall that you need is a raffle stall. This should offer people the chance to buy tickets for a draw later in the day. Prizes can be donated by local businesses or gifts from parents/staff.


A tombola is very similar to the raffle, but there are instant prizes. Prizes can again be provided by local businesses.

Duck Fishing

This simple game is fun and children can play for a small fee in order to get the chance to win some sweets. Easy to set up and quick to reset after players have had a go, this is a great option.

Food Stalls

Food is always popular when it comes to fairs. You can have multiple food and drink stalls at your fair and these can be manned by local catering companies. In return, the stall owners can pay you a percentage of the daily takings or a pitch fee.

 Second Hand Stall

Another way that you can earn more money from the fair is to sell products. You can take donations from parents and locals to create a second hand stall. This is quick to set up and can earn lots of money on the day.

Ball Toss Game

A ball toss game is really simple and there are lots of varieties that can help you make yours unique. Players can get a chance to win some sweets if they succeed.

Fundraising Stall

This is an important stall. This is where you can detail exactly what you’re raising funds for. Provide images of current progress and concept art of what it will look like.


A fair can be a large or small event. But it needs certain stalls to make it a success. Above is just a small flavour of what you need. What stalls would you recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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